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ALL NATURAL! No Trans Fats - No Steroids - No Antibiotics

You can really taste the difference in the meats and sauces in a non trans fat pastry. Our pies look & taste even better than before! We are happy and proud to go the extra distance in adding only the best and all natural ingredients, including sea salt for flavor, Meyer's all natural Angus Beef and Bell & Evan's chicken.

Please look over our array of delicious pies and rolls. All our bakery fresh pies are all natural and individually wrapped in oven and microwave safe sealed bags. All goods are delivered freshly frozen. View our selection!


About Us

A Brief History

As a New Zealand Maori rugby player, playing and coaching rugby in the Washington, D.C. area since 1992, I found myself craving the savory taste of fresh meat pies so easily found back home in New Zealand. After searching the area and not finding this hot, quick, pick-me-up, I returned home to learn the art of making the perfect meat and vegetable handmade pies from local homeland bakeries.

After spending years fine tuning my recipes, I have developed what I am sure you will agree is one of the finest and most delicious, flakiest, moist-in-the-center and heartiest meat pies around. All pies are bakery hand-made with only the finest all-natural ingredients from local grocers and are free from any artificial flavors and preservatives, trans fats, antibiotics, and steroids.

Once you have tasted KiwiKuisine pies, you'll find that you needn't look further for that savory, traditional snack or meal. Please feel free to explore our website and learn more about our selection of pies and rolls.

Yours truly,

Bert "Ram" Todd


Our Locations

Where Can I Get Kiwi Kuisine Pies?

  • Salud, the Healthy Pantry, 1137 Walker Rd, Great Falls, VA (703)757-0120 View map
  • Westover Farmers Market, Sunday (8am to noon), May thru November, Arlington, VA View map
  • Bethesda Farmers Market - Sunday mornings (9am to 1:30pm), 1st and 3rd Sundays thru Dec. Bethesda,  MD View map
  • Kingstowne Farmers Market, Friday evenings (4pm - 7pm) May thru October, Alexandria, VA View map
  • Fairlington Farmers Market - Sunday mornings (9am - 1pm), May thru October, Arlington, VA View map
  • Wakefield Farmers Market - Wednesday afternoons (2pm - 6pm) - May thru October, Fairfax, VA View website
  • Burke Farmers Market - Saturday mornings (8am - noon)- May thru October - Burke,, VA View map
  • Mary Mount University - Saturdays (9am - 1pm) May 21 - November 19 (9am - 1pm) View map 

    New Zealand Style Meat Pies Now Available. We are happy to announce our pies are in California. Visit
  • Sold in most Whole Foods stores in the Mid-Atlantic - near the Hot Bar Store locator
  • Balducci's in DC area - McLean, Bethesda, Alexandria locations Locations
  • Balducci's in NY & CT - Scarsdale, Westport, Greenwich locations Locations
  • Cassatts Kiwi CafĂ©, Arlington VA (703) 527 3330 View map
  • Old Town Alexandria Farmers Market, Year round  Saturdays (7am - noon) at Market Square, Alexandria, VA View map
  • Glen's Garden Market, 2001 S St, NW, Washington, DC (202) 588-5698 View map

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